Jimi Blue - Schools Out

13. leden 2008 | 19.53 |

A new start
A new life
Schools's out

The year is over now and school was fine
Teacher's favourite every class I used to spit my ryhmes
The world is mine what you want me to do
See me acting in the movie is this Jimi Blue
No more math all I do is shine
My range from A to A plus I'm just one of a kind
I be on fire now come here and press play
Droppin' by to show me love be part of my way


Step into the future
Take my chances
School's out
Life is just a venture
I will make it
School's out
Feelin' free and easy
On my way cause
School's out
Come let's join the party
Celebrate it
School's out - uuh - yeah
Back in buisness
School's out

My song is all about to blow your mind
Turn it uo I burn it down cause this is my prime time
The next episode of Mister Blue
Call my player, young big time I'm gonna twist the truth
Back in school I used to be a wild boy
Now young enough but grown up I don't need no more toys
I am right here standing on my own two feet
On the way to touch the sky to give you what you need

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