The rain

11. leden 2008 | 16.43 |

The rain...
Yeah... yeah uuh..
Let's go

1 sloka:
Looking through the mirror of my life
Thinking of the times when things were right
Is anybody there to hear my cry in lonely nights
I need someone to make the darkness turn to light

Seasons come and change
The memories remain
Tell me why you left me stranded in the rain
The rain yeah

And I know I'll never see your face again
Why did god take away a perfect friend
I'm broken and flyin' without wings
(Damn I need you here now)
what I'd give to bring you back into my life
since you gone I can't seem to make it right
I'm broken and flyin' without wings


Feeling like a child that lost its way
Nothing I can do to come back home
Sometimes I lay in bed and pray to god to make it end
but that won't change until I see your smile again

Baby I got lonely without you
Everyday I'll be thinking about you

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